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Update by user Jan 12, 2016

This is an update to the comment that I posted on 11/3 about the hollow molding on the fiberglass door I purchased. This case was brought to Jeld-Wen management team’s attention, and reviewed by its production manager.

Jeld-Wen decided it was a production mistake, and I had received the replacement door slab just before Christmas. I am really glad Jeld-Wen is willing to stand by its product quality and wanting to serve its customers. I think one thing Jeld-Wen can take away from this instance is that its Customer Care team needs to help its customers finding the root causes of their reported issues, and declining customer’s claims must not be the first thing in their mind.

In addition, I would like to recognize Bay Area Molding & Door for its wonderful service. After Jeld-Wen agreed to replace the defect door slab, both Brian and the owner, Bobby, were extremely supportive and scheduled the installation to accommodate my tight calendar.

They sent their best technician Greg who spent 5 hours carefully installing the new door slab and the door lock.

All these good work are under Bay Area Molding & Door’s warranty. This is what I consider the best customer service in the industry.

Thanks to both Jeld-Wen and Bay Area Molding & Door, and I have a beautiful door that my neighbors admire.

Original review posted by user Nov 02, 2015

I purchased a JELD-WEN fiberglass exterior front door from Bay Area Molding & Door which installed the door for me in July 2013. The main reason why I chose this door was for its durability and resistance to sunshine, and Brian of Bay Area Molding & Door told me the door was one of the strongest doors on the market at that time.

When my wife was cleaning the door in July 2015, she found a hole on the raised molding toward the bottom of this door. Not knowing what caused the hole on the door, we were surprised to see the raised molding was hollow and partially filled with some plastic material. I reported this problem to Brian at Bay Area Molding & Door who in turn reported it to the JELD-WEN warranty department. It took almost 3 months for Brian to get an answer from the JELD-WEN warranty department which believed that the damage did not qualify for repair under the warranty. My main concern is the quality and the hollowness of the raised molding that was not properly built to support an impact to this area. Actually, we would not even know the raised molding is hollow if the door was not broken.

Due to the irresponsible and delayed customer service provided by Bay Area Molding, I decided to file a service request to JELD-WEN directly on its website on 10/18. On 10/26, I received a voice message from Angie Fleetwood of JELD-WEN’s warranty department that said she had told Bay Area Molding this issue was caused by the customer and it was not a warranty issue. She closed the case without discussing it with me in person. I wrote her an email to explain my view of this quality issue. Since I did not receive a reply from her, I called and left a message to ask to speak to Ms. Fleetwood’s manager on 10/28. Finally, I got a voice message from Ms. Fleetwood who again said this was not a warranty issue but her manager was willing to give me 15% discount if I wanted to purchase a door slab from JELD-WEN. I replied to her email and asked her if she and JELD-WEN would consider the hollow molding doors their regular and properly built products. On 10/29, I received a phone call from Ms. Fleetwood’s manager who told me the raised molding was by design, and he would not honor its warranty, and there was nothing he could do.

The hollowness is “By Design”, REALLY? To confirm, My wife discussed with a JELD-WEN customer sales rep on 11/2, and the sales rep double-checked with her colleague and confirmed the raised molding is solid and should not be hollow. What a tricky JELD-WEN, the molding is solid during presale, and after sale it became “hollow by design”.

At this point, I finally realize that JELD-WEN, a top brand in the doors and windows industry, is not willing to stand behind their products. I spent $8K on this door. If the door were not broken, I would not even know the raised molding is hollow. I think if the molding were filled with solid support, the impact to this door would be just a dent instead of a broken hole. Actually, due to this problem, I suspect the door may be hollow in other areas as well.

I would strongly recommend NOT purchasing any JELD-WEN doors or windows if you are concerned with product quality, services, and warranty. Don’t be fooled by the big name.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of quality of door and service of warranty department. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of jeld wen door. Jeld Wen needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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typical customer always blaming the company. customers are the same all over the world, buy the product without doing any research and then blame the company once receiving the product.

I'm pretty sure the show pictures of cutaways of doors. pathetic, let me guess, the customer is probably an engineer (cause they know everything, just listen to them, they'll tell ya, you don't even have to ask) or a doctor....both have huge egos and imaginations and get away with everything.

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