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I ordered an entire Jeld-Wen package, 88 premium Jeld-Wen products consisting of windows, doors and sliding doors for a new residential construction on the water. My construction plan clearly called for IMPACT products. Long story short, all Jeld-Wen products failed Florida State inspection. Not a single Jeld-Wen product was impact.

My project was red tagged and all construction came to a screeching halt. Months passed, costs compounded. Jeld-Wen and their authorized Dealer, The Molding Depot, refuse to cure their blunder.

Worst of all, they are now knowingly and complacently OK with my family and neighbors lives being in life-threatening peril. Instead of responsibly fixing the problem, they made a willful decision to fight me in court.


Product or Service Mentioned: Jeld Wen Door.

Location: Tampa, Florida

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Struggling for the second year in a row to get Jeld Wen to adjust fix windows on a new build that will not close. DO NOT BUY JELD WEN


What is on your plan and what is on the order are two different things. If your written order said nothing about impact glass you are SOL.

When you place an order as large as this one was you need to look at the order and understand what you are buying before you sign the contract. You seem to be aware that you needed impact glass and should have made sure it was on the order. You just need to buck up and take the blame for not confirming that the proper glass was on the order.

This is what happens when you try to save a buck and not hire a general contractor that knows what they are doing when they order the products to build your home. Take the money you saved by bring to be your own general contractor and buy new windows.


if there is a law suit on jeld-wen wood window i would like to be notify i cannot afford to replace them iam disable and live on a fix income i had a whole houseful of these window put in the company has been out twice and replaced the sliders said seals was bad, well they are all still bad my bedroom window i can feel cold air blowing on me no good for somebody with ra, i need help with this, i have 10,000 in windows i don't know what to do!!


They are not made for functionality in Wisconsin either. Frost, ice, and consequently mold.

Not happy, not healthy. Had to replace with Andersen DH wdws. Very little moisture at 10 degrees below zero. And we are having interior painted at this time.

The whole build has been a NIGHTMARE.

4 years with WH out of Central WI. Jeldwen and WH denied any responsibility.


I would never deal with this company again. I bought a $185 wood exterior stock door of theirs through Home Depot.

It was installed properly by a contractor yet within a year warped to the extent that it could not be opened or closed. Supposedly they have a warranty but they go to great lengths not to honor it.

Clearly this was a defective product that had not been sufficiently dried. To add insult to injury, their customer representative "Linelle E" handled the mater with extreme rudeness and made absolutely no effort to clarify the situation.


:( Jelwen windows are the WORST! BEWARE BEWARE for sure DO NOT BUY THESE windows!

Their customer service rep told us we needed to do landscaping in order for the dirt to stop coming in through our windows!

Are you kidding me, you told us they were the best and we live in the country...hello the wind blows and the dirt blows maybe you Jelwen need to change your rating to say only for city use!!!!!!!!!! YOU SUCK


Jeld-Wen does not make an impact product in their Premium Series. You need to order their Custom Series with impact glass.

You were likely presented with an itemized quote. There is no way that quote had impact on it if it is Premium Series. Like all price conscience buyers you stupidly bought on price from a dealer who didn't know what he was doing.

You got what you deserved! Who is dumber, your dealer for not knowing his product, or you for not knowing what you were signing?


What you "Gurus" don't know is that in the high wind zone areas of Florida- the requirement is for impact. The manufacturer and supplier are responsible to sell what complies with Code- that is the purpose of the Florida Product Approval system. Not the owner's fault.


Its the buyers responsibility to order the proper products for the home no matter the location of the project. Read and understand the things you sign or don't sign them. Simple as that.


if you special ordered any windows they make you sign off that the order is correct. Obviously you signed for non-impact glass....


Who Signed for the windows? End of discussion!

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