October of 2011 contacted April at JeldWen in Ca. about leaking windows when it rained.

Made many, many calls. Got the runaround with JeldWen and Forest Lumber in OKC. Finally sent out a new window to get installed. This window does the same thing.

They will not answer your calls or return your calls. The WORST customer service ever!!!! Going on 8 months and every time it rains I spend hours mopping up. Getting mold, ruined wood etc.

Never would I buy a home that had their windows in it.

There warranty is absolutely no good at all. Save your money - don't buy any JeldWen products!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Jeld Wen Window.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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I called about a leaking window. Yes they have a 10 year warranty, but to verify the leak is the window vs faulty installation they require YOU to pay one of there local reps to come out and determine the cause.

My point was OK fine but if it is determined to be a faulty window JELD WEN will reimburse me for the inspection right? Wrong! You pay the inspection charge regardless of the cause! If the window is bad they will ship a replacement at no cost but you are responsible for paying to have it installed.


don't walk, from JELD WEN windows!!!!!


We too had the same sort of situation here in the Pacific Northwest. Beautiful Jeld-Wen windows with etched-in grids (V groove) were installed in 2003.

Lifetime warranty. And then this... Back in 2015 I had a friend that sold/installed Jeld-Wen windows look at my kitchen window that had small crystals forming in between the 2 layers. He stated that the crystals are forming because the window has failed.

We also have other windows doing the same. He put in a claim with JELD-WEN along with the required details, and I was contacted by the company in Oregon. I was given the run around for months! They finally stated that I HAD TO FIND A COMPANY IN MY AREA THAT COULD ETCH THE GLASS FOR ME, because they no longer have the machine and no longer sell them V groove window.

The company stated they would ship to me the replacement window, but the rest was up to me! I spent weeks trying to find a company that does V groove. I finally found a company in Oregon (hours away), but then JELD-WEN took back their warranty offer, and will now only give us $100 towards the replacement of a window they no longer make!!

We agree...RUN! Never buy Jeld-Wen windows...

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