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11/1/19 : Paid 150$ for a service call and they did not finish the job ordered more parts and have not come back out to install. Was just informed that I have to pay another 150$ for them to come out and finish the last job and the first job that was done 30 days ago I pulled the door to set the locks and the handle came off in my hand and they state we can send you parts but you will have to pay another 150$ for labor the customer service rep Melissa is a nightmare and will hang up on you causing you to go back through their multilevel customer service process.

This company and their doors are a nightmare.

Did I say I inherited the doors when I bought the house please save yourself a tremendous amount of headache and go with a more reputable company that will stand behind their product and service. photos to come.

Original review posted by user Aug 17, 2019

Purchased a home that has these windows and doors. Nightmare.

Took a year and half to get anyone to service the doors. Jeld Wen sent me parts but no one within 75/100 miles will work on them. Nightmare. You’re outside service warranty they say and we aren’t servicing..convenience.

I have been harassed by their customer reps, hung up on, no calls back, this company is obviously in it for money as there is no ongoing service or responsibilities for servicing their products that warranty parts for life which is great but if no one will work on them what is the point. They hide behind long lines of waiting, calling, getting back to you and their law department that basically says we will not be accountable. This company is an absolute nightmare.

Do your research on this company and their tactics for service before you consider dumping your time and money into this company. Nightmare.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jeld Wen Door.

Reason of review: No one to service your product.

Preferred solution: Come service.

Jeld Wen Pros: Secure doors, Parts warranty.

Jeld Wen Cons: Attitude of staff, Fixing my problem, Service.

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